New Horizons (A Pirate Story)

New Horizons (A Pirate Story)

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"How dare you bring me aboard this ship without so much as telling me what you are?" She yelled.

Kincade let out a smug grin, one that infuriated Astryd even more. She took a few more steps toward him so that they were mere feet apart.

He looked down at a doubloon he was holding and slowly turned it over in his hands as he spoke. "I saw a troubled woman in a sailor's pub, obviously hiding from the royal guards. Surely you must have gotten yourself into a sticky situation. And you don't expect me to assume what you are?"

Astryd fumbled for words. What was he getting at?

He lifted his head to look her in the eyes. "You're a thief and now a sailor. You know what that makes you, sweetheart?"

"I am not a..." she shouted, but she stumbled at the last word. She pointed her finger in Kincade's face and whispered, "pirate."


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