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Choice ~ Phan

Choice ~ Phan

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Not Sophie I Swear By SleeplessSophie Updated 5 days ago

"Leviticus 18:22 - Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination." The preachers words rang throughout the church and a series of "Amens!" chorused from the crowd. Dan looked down at his own bible, highlighting the words with a blue sharpie. "A man, who favors another man, is a sinner! For by choice, is he gay." Next to the passage in the holy text, he wrote 'choice'.

i cant relate to danny here, first of all, philly is the cutest angel cinnamon bun smol bean, second of all, i read too many sins, no tragedies tho, so i probably wont go to heaven
Gotta keep that pocket bible handy, wouldn't want to miss an exorcisms.
Mina_Amber Mina_Amber Apr 05
Both of these comments are the same and I'm not surprised at all tbh because he definitely is
disneyintrovert disneyintrovert Aug 12, 2016
Religious Dan seems really baby cute and Punk Phil just seems sassy. My spirit animal...
mygrace13 mygrace13 Nov 08, 2016
You're gonna be asking god for forgiveness often so huntie 🙏
tbh i'd be the person who would go up to him and be like "hey guess what? i'm like super gay, just thought you should know." and just be really obnoxious about it just to annoy him 😆