Criminal Minds Preferences

Criminal Minds Preferences

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FallenAngel By VoteSaxon Updated Apr 11, 2016

Reid: You were a junior homicide detective working a difficult case. The head detective decided to call in the BAU. You weren't in the station when they arrived so you hadn't been officially introduce. Reid was looking at a map of where the unsub had hit, trying to find a pattern. You walk in and, seeing all the pins, you say, "Looks like Bootes." 
"What?" he asks as he turns around.
"The bear driver. It's a constellation near ursa major." He turned around and looked back at the map.
"That actually makes sense."
"Well it's not exactly like it, it's missing a point."
You walk up to the map. A moment later, you point to a spot on the map. "There. That's actually where the brightest star in that constellation would be."
"That has to be where he'll make his next move. And it's going to be big."
"Detective (y/n) (l/n), by the way."
"Doctor Spencer Reid," he said, seeming distracted before he left.

Morgan: You were talking to Garcia and she had to step out. While she was gone, her...

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