Umbrella | Yandere x reader

Umbrella | Yandere x reader

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One day you where just about to walk home, though sadly it was raining. 

"Here, use my umbrella." A boy with the same school uniform offers you. 

You accepted his offer, and started to walk home, not noticing the look in the boys eyes. 

"Hmm? Too bad you don't remember (y/n), because you are mine."

Cover made by @Sophiec321

Jessiepop1235 Jessiepop1235 a day ago
Am I the only person who thinks this guy should join them Ouran High School Host Club?!?!?
Revi_Rev Revi_Rev 2 days ago
IM MARRIED!!!!!!! 😍💕😍💖🎀💜😘😍❤💗💕💗💜💘💕😘
That probably costed fuking money. Those are some nice ass flowers idiot. I still have roses from my fifth grade graduation that my parents got me. I just won't throw roses away. The hell
When your life is so worthless you don't care that a guy you didn't even talk to kissed your head, knows your name, and follows you home, then could have possibly broke  in.
Revi_Rev Revi_Rev 2 days ago
I mean if your hot. Sure. It would be nice to have a hot yandere af husband. 
                              Then have some cute as hell children.