Umbrella | Yandere x reader

Umbrella | Yandere x reader

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One day you where just about to walk home, though sadly it was raining. 

"Here, use my umbrella." A boy with the same school uniform offers you. 

You accepted his offer, and started to walk home, not noticing the look in the boys eyes. 

"Hmm? Too bad you don't remember (y/n), because you are mine."

Cover made by @Sophiec321

*Turns on Tv and puts on head phones, putting the cover over my head* No ones here go home!
KimiAyuzawa KimiAyuzawa 4 days ago
Yoosung is that you?! Why are you here?! You should be in mystic messenger!
Oh hey Umbrella?
                              She's staring 
                              Maybe I should glare at her...
                              Yea ok 
Every anime protagonist has a seat in the back of the class, near the window.
You know its funny the reactions of people in the comments even tho they are reading a yandere story.
GabiChi012 GabiChi012 Feb 09
I am Levi... 
                              I CAN DO ANYTHING!!!
                              exept reaching high places without goin on meh tippy toes