Umbrella | Yandere x reader

Umbrella | Yandere x reader

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DespairCircus By DespairCircus Completed

One day you where just about to walk home, though sadly it was raining. 

"Here, use my umbrella." A boy with the same school uniform offers you. 

You accepted his offer, and started to walk home, not noticing the look in the boys eyes. 

"Hmm? Too bad you don't remember (y/n), because you are mine."

Cover made by @Sophiec321

The final chapters were written by @Magicalgirlizumi1 ** thank you!

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[̲̅F̲̅][̲̅U̲̅][̲̅N̲̅] [̲̅F̲̅][̲̅U̲̅][̲̅N̲̅] [̲̅F̲̅][̲̅U̲̅][̲̅N̲̅]
Yan_AI Yan_AI May 16
I love how I can relate and agree to the comments on this story.
Liylabye Liylabye May 07
                              UMMM SOMEONE I WILL LIKE AND WHO WILL LIKE ME BACK.
TaeNazia17 TaeNazia17 May 12
I think she's a bit crazy... bt I'm ok with crazy... cuz I'm crazy... hehehe
Liylabye Liylabye May 07
Me: No one likes me, I'll be single for the rest of my life.
                              Boys:* pls notice me, PLS!* *cries*
                              Me: ...
                              You don't fit my requirements.
theres one word describe this and that means i am F_U_C_K_E_D