Ice Age: The Beginning

Ice Age: The Beginning

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Haylee Philbin By halseechu Updated Jan 21

Who says a Mammoth and a Saber couldn't get along well with each other? If someone has told you they can't well you better slap them because not all Sabers think with their stomachs. 

Meet Sarabi a Saber tooth tiger who so happens to be best friends with Manny a Mammoth even since she was only a small cub. Sarabi has been with Manny for a long time, she knows everything about him as he knows almost everything for her.

During their walk towards the North, both Sarabi and Manny meet Sid who so happens to be a Sloth and having troubles with a couple of Rhinos. After the two animals save Sid, he automatically joins the group and follows them until they come upon a baby human, who they return to his father. But there is trouble along the way.  Another Saber, Diego, also joins the group. But there's a slight problem, ever since Diego meet Sarabi he couldn't get her out of his head, she was the only thing that he thought about on some nights, but Diego being the stubborn mule he is deny for the fact that he does in face have a crush on her even though he won't admit it.

What happens when the gang finds out about Diego's secret? Will Sarabi like Diego back? Why is Sarabi feeling something? You'll have to find out and read this book to know the answers.

This is Sarabi's story on how she goes on an adventure with two other animals (Sloth and Saber) to take back a baby back to his father.

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Scrat is a very underrated character he is the one who started all this with his acorn 😔
YeahAsuma YeahAsuma Mar 10, 2017
Me: *Controls Sarabi*
                              Sarabi: Thank you *sexy lenny face*
Lil_hal_18 Lil_hal_18 Jan 29
If it wasn’t for Scrat, I don’t think there would be an Ice Age movie 🤔
PastelMoths PastelMoths Feb 22, 2016
This story sounds so good! I can't wait for the next chapter! 💕