Cold Hearts - Mark Tuan fanfic

Cold Hearts - Mark Tuan fanfic

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High School is never easy. But, for you and Mr. Cool Guy, it is. 
You're at the peak of your popularity. All guys are after you, all girls envy you. You're the head of the cheerleading squad plus you're father is a multi-millionaire.
But, at the last year of your high school, something goes wrong. Everything crumbles. All you've worked for turns to dust. 
How would you cope up? 

This is a complete turn from my previous book. I'll be more wholesome this time...LOL. 
I hope you enjoy this as much as you did in my other works. 

Thanks for reading in advance. Please leave comments and suggestions. Don't forget to vote, too. 

Lav ya all...

Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MAH FEELS!!!!!!!!!!!!