Feed (Weight Gain And Vore)

Feed (Weight Gain And Vore)

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I woke up, yawned and stretched out.

Mornings. I love mornings! Especially weekend mornings.

They were the one part of my day that I could just relax because both my parents would still be at work.

By the way, I hate my parents, not for anything they've done, but just because of their personality. See, I'm a health addict, I have a thing about unhealthy food. I absolutely hate eating more than 1000 calories a day, I feel fat if I do and then I have to do something energetic to burn the extra calories off.

Anyway, I was sat on the edge of my bed when I heard a door slam downstairs. 

"Hey, honey!" My dad shouted.

"Hi!" I shouted back.

'Uh oh' I thought 'if my dad's back, then mum must be back soon'

I ran to the bathroom to get ready as quick as possible so I could leave as quick as possible. 

I was about to run out the door when my mum caught my arm.

"Where are you going, young lady?" She said, a stern look on her face.

"Out to revise for my test next week" Ok, not a complete ...

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