Wayward Souls || Bill Cipher x Reader ||

Wayward Souls || Bill Cipher x Reader ||

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Pansexual Pirate By EchoingThroughTime Updated May 01

Gravity Falls, Oregon - the small little town in the middle of nowhere that never appeared on maps. Rumors tell that Gravity Falls is home to the most vicious creatures, supernatural creatures to be even more exact. 

You, as a strange child of age 14, were absolutely intrigued by these spread rumors and became even more ecstatic to move into the town.

You already understood one important thing to this little unknown neighborhood, "reality is an illusion." 

With that, plus tangled with other important keys, you certainly became quite the wayward child. 

You had a lovely wayward soul.

AyyyLexi AyyyLexi Jun 15
If I were to ever play that game, I probably would've left my kitties to starve-
He's 4'5 for me
                              Oh my god, my sister is taller than him and she's 9 xD 
                              My family is so short
Purple10295 Purple10295 Mar 25
I will listen to any type of music as long as it isn't country or the type my parents listen to
UH. It's a bit awkward since one of my favourite songs is 'Emperors new clothes' by Panic!At the disco XD
i have three uncles, about 2 great uncles, I dont know how many great aunts i have, I have around 4 aunts, 3 grandmas, and one grandpa, over 20 cousins probably, 
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                              My family is HUGGGGEEEE
There are twenty bill ciphers......                 whaaaaaaaaaaaaat