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The Silent Type (Grillby X Reader)}COMPLETE{

The Silent Type (Grillby X Reader)}COMPLETE{

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Let's dab here By ApandaWrites Completed

Grillby X Reader (Female)
Since I have 2 stories to update...yeah...
You have the HOTS for a Monster then adapt feelings for him too...

Idfk y but I thought toriel said soriel and I was about to kill someone
bellavillammv bellavillammv Nov 02, 2016
The sight of all your friends gathered here just for you fills you with Determination.
TheCoolColleen TheCoolColleen May 14, 2016
Omg right when I finished this chapter my dad called me downstairs for cake XD
LuckyChain456 LuckyChain456 Jul 09, 2016
                              Sans: (O_O) *eye turns blue and pulls out Gaster Blaster*
                              Us: (O_o) Sans, WTF?
                              Sans: Oh, its only you guys... *eyes go to normal and Gaster Blaster disappears* *nervous laughter* Heh... Heh... Heh.... *gets serious* Ok, how much do I have to pay you for you not to see that?
Username237 Username237 Apr 07, 2016
Instead of "brother/sister" You could have said sibling. Just a suggestion.
-Norwegia- -Norwegia- Dec 05, 2016
Cake is something I take a bite of.......then hurl the cake at someone