Fighting The Attraction

Fighting The Attraction

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sheldon_ By sheldon_ Updated Jun 17, 2014

Ryan Chase is one of America's most popular TV stars. With his oozing sex appeal and charismatic personality, he can bed any woman he wants. And that's something he takes advantage of on a daily basis. But behind the public persona is a man with problems of his own; problems that force him to take his work very seriously.

So when twenty-one year old Grace Rowan gets hired as a runner on the show, her playful and fiery nature rubs Ryan up the wrong way. The pair clash instantly but with the option to fire Grace not available, the two have to put up with one another, despite their mutual distaste. And then something happens. When they're forced together in numerous situations, sparks begin to fly. But is it only hate, or something more?

And if it is, I guess there's only question: Can they fight the attraction?

munchiekins munchiekins Jun 26, 2015
loved reading met his match and I am sure i will love this equally. keep on writing.
KJsSmile KJsSmile Dec 11, 2013
This s actually pretty interesting and I find it pretty hilarious and I love your cast list:) also the plot line is very good as well x
casperdition casperdition Dec 10, 2013
I am enjoying this story!
                              It is well written and something I would like to continue to read!
                              Voted and added to reading list! X
Twisted_Fate76 Twisted_Fate76 Nov 27, 2013
oh my! I think I'm loving this story! ♥ XD love the trailer and music btw! =))
marinnat marinnat Nov 08, 2013
Hello there! I love your story, can I just ask how you got so many reads and votes? I'm completely new at this, so it would be great if you maybe showed me some of your secrets! Thanks c:
Purely_Kaitlin Purely_Kaitlin Sep 21, 2013
I loved this chapter! You have real talent, love(: I loved your description, I could just picture the scenes in my head as I was reading. You can hardly ever find a well written book here on Wattpad, but you have manged to write a good one.. so far(:
                              I will be reading on, simply because I like it(: