Fun in the Dark | Vampire x Reader |

Fun in the Dark | Vampire x Reader |

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♔ 전정국 ♔ By Setzuko-Chan Updated Sep 07

"Please don't kill me. I don't want to die."           "Don't worry, I won't kill you just yet. We'll have some fun first."              I felt his icy hands caress my cheeks, his teeth brushing my neck.            "It'll only sting a little; stay still..."            The pain was excruciating but I could only obey his commands.                "Yes, Damon."                    

Alyssa's Grandfather left her to inherit his mansion after his passing. However, there was a surprise awaiting her at the mansion; four Vampire Brothers. From there on out, she plays by their rules. Each brother has their own past and share of dark secrets; some more sinister than others. With two brothers vying for her affection, who will she choose? Damon or Lincoln?

1. Alyssa Collins-- Katelyn Nacon
2. Damon Morales-- Dave Franco
3. Enrique Morales-- Chris Carmack
4. Lincoln Morales-- Pierson Fode
5. Colin Morales-- Scott Eastwood

Setzuko-Chan Setzuko-Chan Jun 22, 2016
At the time I was writing this chapter, I was obsessed with Diabolik lovers XD