Bittersweet ↛ EDITING

Bittersweet ↛ EDITING

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"You can't just keep using me for your personal blood bank, Damon."           "I can do whatever I please, thank you very much." Damon stated matter of factly, before encroaching on my body, his arms now lingering at my waist as his teeth danced across my neck.               "It'll only sting a little; stay still..."            The pain was excruciating but I was in no position to oppose.                "Anything for you, darling." I mumbled sarcastically, rolling my eyes at his comment. 

Alyssa Collins had her life turned upside down upon meeting the Morales brothers. Her life would no longer be the same; filled with danger, lies, mystery, passion and forbidden romance. The Morales brothers were vampires, each having their own past and share of dark secrets; some more sinister than others. They were clearly hiding something from her, and she was determined to find out exactly what that was, no matter the cost. 

As Alyssa is forced into hiding, due to an old, long forgotten enemy, her life becomes even more complicated when two of the Morales brothers come into the picture. With both brothers vying for her affection, who will be able to capture her heart? Roman or Damon? 

Will Alyssa be strong enough to protect those close to her, or will she end up losing them in the process?

1. Alyssa Collins-- Nina Dobrev 
2. Damon Morales-- Ian Somerhalder
3. Roman Morales-- Chris Wood
4. Enrique Morales-- Daniel Gillies
5. Colin Morales-- Jeremy Irvine
6. Katherine Morales-- Victoria Justice
7. Klaus Carterson-- Joseph Morgan
8. Sarah Williams-- Katherine Mcnamara

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  • horror
  • love
  • realistic
  • romance
  • sexualthemes
  • triangle
  • vampire
  • violence
Setzuko-Chan Setzuko-Chan Jun 22, 2016
At the time I was writing this chapter, I was obsessed with Diabolik lovers XD