Victoria Secret || Lashton; Malum

Victoria Secret || Lashton; Malum

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Toni By Fairyfucker Updated Apr 09

❝You're very pretty, princess.❞

❝Thank you, lukey.❞

Ashton likes dressing in pretty stuff like dresses and skirts and listening to Melanie Martinez. Ashton works at Victoria Secret. 

Luke likes to wear band shirts and likes piercings and listens to rock music. Did I also tell you he worked at Hot Topic?
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Ah I see there are other Shane trash here *sighs contently* feels like home
Crazy dreams?
                              Like getting out of the mall?
                              Never gonna happen
                              SHANE DAWSON
crybbys crybbys Jun 20
I don't drink coffee so I'm THAT friend that gets iced tea instead of coffee in the morning 😂
Everyone working in Hot Topic is hot. Why do you think "Hot" is in the title?
MeganSlim MeganSlim May 15
Touch my neck and I'll touch yours, you and those little high-wasted shorts