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Hellsing Ultimate: Alucard X Male Reader (Yaoi)(Boyxboy)

Hellsing Ultimate: Alucard X Male Reader (Yaoi)(Boyxboy)

24.4K Reads 475 Votes 23 Part Story
Namjoon,Taehyung, and Yoongi By -_DaddyRapMon_- Completed

This is a Alucard x male reader and I hope you yaoi fans out there enjoy this because i've been thinking of writing more Various x male reader stories since my human foxy x male reader is on my other account -_- i'll just do these more oftenly for whoever is interested in male reader stories and i also do request just need the character and the anime show the character plays in and I hope you enjoy this also its gonna be and mpreg so beware or stay out pwease :3

joker800 joker800 Apr 11
Mom asked me what I was doing and she started to read it and yelled WTF YOUR NAME IS DIARRHEA.  I'd LET HER KILL ME OF I HAD A NAME LIKE THAT. Bit I like the name 👌😁
-_DaddyRapMon_- -_DaddyRapMon_- Aug 11, 2016
The r is silent but it's like Die-hie-a trust me it sounded better in my head so sorry if it doesn't make  sense
Psychic_Psycho Psychic_Psycho Feb 20, 2016
It has to be a different gender and a virgin to be a vampire if not they will be a ghoul.
XxIronBookwormxX XxIronBookwormxX Apr 18, 2016
I thought ghouls were deflowered humans that were bitten not new vampires
__Thugisa__ __Thugisa__ Jan 24
I read it fast and my first thought was ' dang my parents called me out before I was even talking ' then I read again and I learned from my mistake....
Fairysthetic Fairysthetic Nov 17, 2016
gonna just mentally change the name to Aziel cause all I can think when i see Dairhia is diarrhea and no unghf sorry
                              and just saying
                              when it's an x reader story you aren't supposed to give the reader a name that would make it an x oc story