"Good Boy"

"Good Boy"

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~Kate~ By Feline_Fan Completed

Puppy lives in a world of Subs and Doms.

The lucky ones are born Doms and are considered to be the Dominate peoples in the world. The rest are their Subs--people who serve their Dom. Everyone Dom is one half and their Sub their other. 

Doms vary greatly, like all people, but most know what they've been taught--especially the young ones. They are heavy handed and particular when it comes to their Sub's behaviors and ability to serve. 

Connor is no different. Being the son of a wealthy, prominent business owner has its ups and downs. Despite having the best training available and bottomless funds, he has yet to find his perfect Sub. Now, at the age of twenty-eight, he's all but given up, taking an active role in the company as CEO as he prepares for his father's eventual retirement.

Then little Puppy stumbles into his life. Freshly eighteen and sold by the auction house that raised him, Connor wonders if the fragile blond can handle the lifestyle Connor expects.

It doesn't take long, however for Connor to realize that Puppy could be his Good Boy.  

**WARNINGS: BDSM lifestyle, MATURE SITUATIONS. Readers take caution**

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sexyhorselover_2 sexyhorselover_2 Apr 12, 2017
wait. Is puppy a girl or guy? Otherwise love your book so far!
billdipishot billdipishot Jul 21, 2017
Every body flip out over that and I'm like.
                              What wrong. This is going to pb be bdsm anyways
Lovedawceffa Lovedawceffa Oct 21, 2016
I know it's mean but why is he called puppy? I can only imagine a dog.. its really weird ..
abnormalAngel abnormalAngel Aug 28, 2016
😂 that's so cute, I just imagine him crawling into it with a big grin and curling up