More Than Just A Teacher

More Than Just A Teacher

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Y/N is a 18 year old senior in high school. Her last year. Y/N  is the shy, quite, lonely type of girls. But she's still some how considered as one of the populars with her best friend Ashlyn. She has a divorced mother who has a boyfriend that makes her life a living hell. But to make things worse her mothers boyfriend has a daughter. Samantha. Samantha is a total bitch and to make things even worse she picks on Y/N makes fun of her in anyway possible. Y/N's dad is in the military so he can't really do anything. And her older brother no longer lives with her since he got married and has a 3 year old girl. Y/N feels like no one cares about her but what if there's a new English teacher Ms.Jauregui who does show that she cares. Would Y/N shut her out like she does to everyone else or will she let her in? Read to find out


Fabulous_P0tato Fabulous_P0tato Dec 22, 2016
I do this everyday... I try to hide my emotions with my smile. Everyone thinks I'm fine but I'm really dieing inside
Ashton_Wolf Ashton_Wolf Dec 20, 2016
Can she like....adopt me then i dont have to deal with the step dick and step bitch and the egg doner
People always ask me why I'm always laughing or smiling at school. I'm just like bih if only u knew😒🤔