Adopted By a Billionaire

Adopted By a Billionaire

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Yuki By Yukimoto-Namikaze Updated Sep 01

Six year old Percy Jackson lives with his smelly step father, Gabe. After watching his mother die right in front of his eyes, Percy becomes a selective mute. However, that doesn't mean he's useless. The kid has something hiding behind the sea colored orbs.

It only took a cup of hot coffee spilling on his expensive suit for Tony to meet the boy. Never in his life did he think he would pull over and help a boy out of the rain who couldn't even speak his name.

Yet, something drew him in... and he let it.

Oh my gods-Happy! Please tell me he has blue hair, even if it's dyed
Taste like rain and metal if you leave it outside and use it after it rains. (Duh me)
The...ugh... cuteness it's... ugh too much * pukes rainbows*
Everyone is like 'fairy tale, cool' but since I'm a Marvel geek, I dissed Happy and started gushing with excitement instead
Wow this reminds me that I should probably do this but I still don't lol I'll just spill everything and not have anything to clean it up with
England_From_Hetalia England_From_Hetalia Nov 13, 2016
Teachers: Stop talking!
                              Kids: *keep talking*
                              Teachers with Percy: Why aren't you talking?
                              Percy: *doesn't reply*