Peridot X Gem! Female! Reader I Can't Live Without You

Peridot X Gem! Female! Reader I Can't Live Without You

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TheWolfShipper By TheWolfShipper Updated Nov 07

You woke up suddenly in a place called The Kindergarten, where you find an unusual, little green gem that changed your entire life.

What will happen? What will you do?

Steven Universe belongs to Rebecca Sugar

This beautiful cover was made by allykitty!


Stitchuu Stitchuu Sep 28
I'm a jet. Um it's like, coal. I'm weak :D and my Gem is um my eye xD the right eye is replaced with a gem woo. XD I've never really tried to explain my gemsona becuz I don't shar it xDD welp
I'm a misgravite I think that's how u spell it and I'm extremely rare! So u souls respected that!! And gem is on my right shoulder so good thing it's not on my neck or any where near my neck ;-; so phew and this is a good book! Better than my....yandere!mad!cry X reader :1
GetInMyVan GetInMyVan May 18
really sucks for me cause my gemsona has their gem on their neck oops
Peridot wasn't made in the kindergarten, she is not a Quartz
Well i am a quartz... Phantom Quarts to be exact my gem is on my neck so watch out YA BIG CHEESEPUFF