『Ruler of Races』 (No Game No Life FanFiction) [SLOW UPDATES]

『Ruler of Races』 (No Game No Life FanFiction) [SLOW UPDATES]

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ΖοRεο By Zoreos_Oreos Updated Dec 05, 2016

(Little Reminder: I don't own the pictures, or the characters!) WARNING MAY BE OOC!)

Hitomi, a mysterious Girl taken to Disboard. Now, what little secrets is she hiding? Why does she have her one precious little eye closed? But really, The queen of Races? Now let's find out her little big mystery~


I'll also put a little "This Game" Song (From No game No Life) Just for fun :) Most of them will be a Piano,Nightcore,Remix,Japanese, Or English cover so you won't get bored of it. Awesome Cover by Skyzofreniak on DeviantArt

STARTED NEAR - February/March 2015

Ending/Completed -

Felain Felain Mar 28, 2016
'Heterochromatic' I think.(Soz OCD came up and I had to correct >.<)