Crimson Serial Killer

Crimson Serial Killer

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c i c i By vain-jisoo Updated Oct 29

Phil's world is turned upside down, almost literally, when his college is the target of multiple murders. Most people are too afraid to leave their dorm rooms, and classes have even been cancelled on some occasions, the authorities begging for students to stay inside, and stay safe. 

But Phil is unlike the other people, he doesn't want to be crippled by fear. He is curious about the supernatural causes of death, and he yearns to find out more information. 

Maybe it's just his curiosity,  or maybe it's him trying to find peace with his own mother's unexplained murder.

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victqrius victqrius Mar 10
fck where are sam and dean bc we've got a fcking demon on our hands.
Daniel Howell stop murdering your fellow students. Your fans and I are sick of this. The pets are losing homes and it's all your fault. If you murder one more person we will kill you...............oh and Phil dear, good job at being in college. Your fans and I are very proud.
I love this story, and if you want honesty, i think their kiss could have been postponed until a later chapter, seeing as dan just met phil and still knows nothing about him to kiss him. But i love this and will keep reading till the end 💕
Uqlywh0re Uqlywh0re Apr 04
Tbh if there was a cereal killer i'd prolly 'accidently' go out at night in a ponytail :^)))
Dan has swallowed some dirty dirty cummies with that god awful mouth Philly he needs to be punished
Phillys_EyeLash Phillys_EyeLash Dec 06, 2016
                              I'll leave.