[EXO] Rebirth of the Phoenix

[EXO] Rebirth of the Phoenix

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카이 라 By kay_yla Updated Nov 10

Haru, an orphan girl who's life is about to be turn upside down after finding one peculiar object at a playground that leads to the encounter with an extraordinary group. From just an ordinary small town girl, she needs to overcome the sudden overwhelming attention, the betrayal, the supernatural world that she's been drag into, and fighting the cruel fate that was about to take the love of her life.

This book is a substory of my most favorite book on Wattpad so far [EXO] Hellion Brothers

This book is dedicated to the original author of [EXO] Hellion Brothers : euwonlol author-nim 

If any of you readers would like to read this you MUST read the previous book first here is the link https://www.wattpad.com/story/11205539-exo-hellion-brothers

If you already read [EXO] Hellion Brothers then I hoped you can enjoy this story as much as the first

DudeitsLei DudeitsLei Feb 26
Thumbs up from me :D Just work on your grammar and it will be fine \(^0^)/
I almost screamed when I read that it showed images of fire!! It's Chanyeol's pin right? OMG I can't wait to read further!!!
I love the introduction!! I'm sure I'm going to enjoy it all the way
It's been a year I guess since I finished reading HB and I found this like its an angel sent from above! Huhu. I've been searching for a nice story since vacation starts but no one catches my attention but this! This is really an angel sent from above. Omg!
starboytae starboytae Nov 14
I spent 3 hours mining for good exo fanfics, and now i'm hit with this piece of gold