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Adopted by The Sidemen ↠The Sidemen

Adopted by The Sidemen ↠The Sidemen

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ThatMCasiangamer By ThatMCasiangamer Completed

Hey, im Alex. There's nothing much you need to know about me really. Im 10, have brown hair that goes a little bit past my shoulders, and brown eyes. I live in an orphange in London. To be exact an orphange with barley any money. We ony have one pair of jeans, and two pairs of shirts and a hoodie. We only get one meal a day because we cant aford any more. But our head mistress is nice, she tries her hardest to make sure we stay alive. We being me and 6 other kids. Well thats all you need to know really.

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Fifa17Rocks Fifa17Rocks 6 days ago
Bro. My name is alex. I have brown hair a little past my shoulders. And i have brown eyes. You described me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂