What Is Love - Barlow/Williams

What Is Love - Barlow/Williams

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AllThosePrettyThings By AllThosePrettyThings Completed

Gary Barlow & Robbie Williams, 
Fluff and Angst, Smut, DRAMA, Creamcakes / Barlliams!
43 chapters (with prologue & epilogue) - complete story.

After coming out after so many years in the closet, Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams promised each other they would continue to fight for their love, a love they shared so deeply for one another, a love no one could deny. Yet, as they would soon learn, promises can so easily be broken and however strong they thought their love was, love was always so much more complicated than they could ever expect! 

Would their love have the strength to overcome any obstacle, like they hoped?
They would soon discover the truth.

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FF-Fan201 FF-Fan201 Oct 30, 2017
A brilliant second chapter. I love it and especially the end. It is so electrifying. I already feel Robby's breath on my skin. 😊😍😍😅
FF-Fan201 FF-Fan201 Oct 29, 2017
This was a brilliant start for a brilliant story from which I know now that I will love it. 😊😍😜 Can’t wait for more! 😂🤗😘