Girly things that only girls will understand

Girly things that only girls will understand

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uhhh By panicz0ne Updated Nov 29

These are things that ONLY girls will understand. Boys, I advise you not to read this.. 
 ( these are all supposed to be jokes and not everyone will relate to these, pls don't take this book seriously. thank you :) )

slow updates


pls excuse any bad grammar / spelling in the earlier chapters, i have improved my skills i swear

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_rockies_ _rockies_ 7 days ago
Never happened. I always put my hair in a ponytail because it will go *POOF* so yeah.
Me and my friends have a code, whenever we each have our periods we carry pads in our lockers for each other. So in the middle of class one would say
                              JAPAN IS ATTACKING
                              And then we would tell each other our locker combo's and we'd be safe for the rest of the day... Unless we sneeze
It's never happened to me with a window but it has on other things so it's still relatable
One time in class, I was holding my stomach and trying my best not to look suspicious and my crush asked "you ok?" And I'm like "YEP. TOTALLY. DONT WORRY ABOUT ME." But I never go anywhere without pain reliever now I've learned my lesson.
Dude the first time I started it was during class and god it hurt like a mother
Hey! I’m lucky at least for a few years... I still don’t have my period.. lucky me!