Girly things that only girls will understand

Girly things that only girls will understand

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blah By newbrkenscene_ Updated Aug 08

These are things that ONLY girls will understand. Boys, I advise you not to read this.. 


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Dude the first time I started it was during class and god it hurt like a mother
Oh my refrigerator!!! I hate it!! Just today I got so many cramps!!
In science class we sit on stools and I was having cramps. My cramps feel less worse when I'm kneeling, so while everyone else were on stools taking notes, I was kneeling down between to people taking notes. I forgot my pain reliever that morning
Me: *Waits for class to finish desperately*
                              Teacher: You okay Issy?
                              Me: CAN I GO TO THE BATHROOM PLEA--
                              Male Friend: Issy's pants are covered in blood...
                              Me: o.o
                              Class: *Stares*
Friend: (0_0) You okay?
                              Me: (°·°) .........
                              Me:(¤0¤) I'M FAN-FRICKING-TASTIC
Moon_Moonstone Moon_Moonstone Sep 12, 2016
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