NoizXMale!Reader Lemon

NoizXMale!Reader Lemon

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Every Friday, Noiz and you meet up for your once-weekly meetup for the project for your group- the Freaky Ferrets. You are a guy in this one, if you are a female reading this. Just imagine a boy version of yourself and yeah...

I have a feeling this will be shit. By the way, this is a REALLY intense lemon, you have been warned of the sexiness inside. 

It's rather zesty

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jaezombie jaezombie Nov 26
Okay for the picture he had the bandage from when he got hit in the head by the guys from Morphine  it was bleeding a lot. It happened like a few minutes before Aoba went inside his conscious
reddxxpanda reddxxpanda Dec 01
Hit me with your best shot, why don't you hit me with your best shot? Fire away~
KikKBG KikKBG Aug 24
Uhm I have 2 different colored eyes. Light grey and green. Is it okay if my character has the same?
hanomai hanomai May 09
Yeah sometimes when my sisters dog barks really loud, the Noiz gives me a headache okay I need an intervention for people who make bad jokes
hanomai hanomai May 09
can you help me find my way back to reality, idk where i am anymore
hanomai hanomai May 09
can i just eat that picture, its so cute yet sexy i kinda wanna die