Cat Got Your Tounge? (Neko!Reader X Bill)

Cat Got Your Tounge? (Neko!Reader X Bill)

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Being a Neko isn't easy for (Name) (L/n). She's been beaten and bruised in every available location for her abnormalities. Running off into woodlands for comfort, she uses the dense trees to hide her strange features. (Name) finds a delectable smell not far off from her make shift home, and is drawn towards it. 

Captured and forced to live nigtmares, she calls out to the only man who had considered her more than a friend. Someone who appreciates her for her personality, not the money that may be available with her death. 

"Bill Cipher."

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Update: This is an old story that contains grammar mistakes and a horrible plot line. Please excuse these factors. I do plan on re-writing a portion of it, and remove anything that may be triggering. Thankyou for the many reads!

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This remembers me of cat's ... (am I allowed to say it) ya you know ... cat's ... ca-cat's (lmao)
I hope Bill isn’t there! because I’m gonna eat some Nacho Cheese Doritos 030
BillCipherForever BillCipherForever Oct 13, 2017
I'm sorry it's been bugging me but it's not nekos it's n ekomimis. Neko means cat and nekomimi means cat girl or girl with cat ears and tail
IdioticPotatu IdioticPotatu Mar 15, 2017
Wait why not just let people pick their own color on what their ears or tails to be :3
Pixelated_Priam13 Pixelated_Priam13 Oct 31, 2017
...Cool Ranch Doritos. Because I'm eating tiny Bill Ciphers.
I saw “positive” and let me just—