Help Me Find My Wings (Destiel)

Help Me Find My Wings (Destiel)

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Martina By Maybejustme2 Completed

"This is for the kids with the beaten in lips whose parents try to shut them up using their fists." (Beartooth - Beaten in Lips)

Dean Winchester had finally found his happiness and soulmate in Castiel Novak and after a long struggle they finally won the fight for their love and now they are happily together, thinking that they will never be apart.
But there is someone from Dean's past that had once made his life a living hell and now is planning on doing so again, causing Dean to panic because that someone still has the power to make Dean feel like the scared little boy he once was again - John Winchester, Dean's father. 
He was gone, but now he is coming back, his mind set on his one and only task - killing Dean. Will he succeed? Or will Cas be able to keep Dean safe?
A story full of misery, love and hurt - because what's a good story without a little heartbreak?

(Sequel to Paint You Wings. Please read that first, even though you probably will understand everything in here because I will add a summary at the beginning. This will be containing topics such as torture and if you're sensitive to that, please don't read this story. You've been warned.)

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FireAngelAsh FireAngelAsh Dec 03, 2017
I really want Percy to make an appearance. Please let Percy make an appearance.
FireAngelAsh FireAngelAsh Dec 03, 2017
*reads that in Crowley's voice and laughs* no, sh, I shouldn't be laughing
fastfoodgreasytaco fastfoodgreasytaco Feb 11, 2017
wow john im surprised you have room left for that small thing u call a brain, after all, you're so filled up with dick-ness
jxckles jxckles Jul 20, 2016
I feel as though Cas if either of them would die cause it always twists like that -.-  but I'm surely and hopefully wrong . Take John down
jxckles jxckles Jul 20, 2016
I slightly don't wanna watch the video yet cause I'm like that and want to experience all the pain first
jxckles jxckles Jul 20, 2016