We Don't Mix

We Don't Mix

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sarahhh :P By fangirllll_Overload Completed

Who wins in a fight? Fire or water?
But then who falls in love first? Fire or water?

Jack and Mark go to a special school to learn how to use and control their powers.

Two kids who fall in love but who they are keeps them apart.

A forbidden love that they will do anything to overcome.

Don't worry you are not alone it took me forever to figure out how to end a chapter without it sounding stupid or out of place
2erin1 2erin1 Nov 07
This reminds me of that really cool Phanfiction! Dan is fire and Phil is water in it!
KazWinnec KazWinnec Oct 06
You say you say his name is apparently Jack but then say 'I laughed as Sean' sorry to be the one to point that out.
I can say no to MY little sister...she can be a bratty bìtch tho sometimes. At least YOU have a nice, friendly sister MARK!
This is so me at night... I'm like *checks youtube* "OH many of the Youtubers I watch have uploaded new content! It's pretty late but I could just watch a couple..." *4 hours later* "MUST WATCH ONE MORE....!
                              I think I have a problem... 😆
*punches phone and glass breaks*WHAT HAVE I DONE MY MOM'S GONNA KILL ME!!!!!😭😭😭😭