We Don't Mix

We Don't Mix

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sarahhh :P By fangirllll_Overload Completed

Who wins in a fight? Fire or water?
But then who falls in love first? Fire or water?

Jack and Mark go to a special school to learn how to use and control their powers.

Two kids who fall in love but who they are keeps them apart.

A forbidden love that they will do anything to overcome.

I wish Mark was my brother :/ I really wanna play video games with him
PhanBakes PhanBakes Apr 29
                              I DONT KNOW HOW TO SAY NO TO THIS
Wait did mark play undertale yet *looks up if he did or not* yup he did
water against fire pshhh easy obviously water would win it would just put out the fire
Jackie_Quinn Jackie_Quinn Dec 26, 2016
I'm a cold hearted bitch let me in *goes in* ~can you play with me?~ NO MY ICE COLD HEART! IT'S MELTING SHE'S TOO CUTE!!
I have a good feeling I'm going to enjoy this new story. 🙄