Twisted { Demi Lovato Lesbian Fan Fic }

Twisted { Demi Lovato Lesbian Fan Fic }

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Demi Lovato By Demilovatoimagines_ Updated Jul 27

{ I update when I can }

Hi, my name is Alexis Jones but, most people call me Alex. I have lived in Lodon my hole life but, I was going to move to Texas soon. I was turning 22 soon and I was pretty damn exited. I don't really talk British though. I've American parents so we talk pretty American. Anyway. My sister, Luna is a huge, how do you call it? lovatic? any who, I'm not that big of a fan of her. I don't really have a idol. I bought me and my sister Demi Lovato tickets + Meet and greets which was really exited for my sister, for me, not so much.

But, when we arived there and my sister went inside while I parked the car I coudn't get in.. She took the tickets.

But, someone saved the day. Someone so unexpected.

And that someone was Demi Lovato.

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