Glowing Eyes (Antisepticeye X Reader)

Glowing Eyes (Antisepticeye X Reader)

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StarryEyedFan By StarryEyedFan Updated Sep 21, 2017

You. A normal person fed up with your douche of a step-dad.

Him. A demon from inside a famous Youtubers mind.

The perfect match....apparently.

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*screams and runs around in circles*
                              THATS FLIPPING AWESOME!!
AllisonL7 AllisonL7 Jun 20, 2017
MAY THE POWER OF THE LORD COMPEL YOU!! *Puts hands on Anti's head*
eridani_star_system eridani_star_system Aug 26, 2017
I added this story because it looks good so I'mma keep readin (´∧ω∧`*)
edgykitten edgykitten Feb 10
I've been up for two hours looking for a fic with proper grammer. Thank you for being that special person who's able to actually do this properly!
No_Dip_Sherlock No_Dip_Sherlock Jun 19, 2017
Uh 1 green and 1 blue eye 
                              Get it right 
Me: *wakes up* ANTI!!!!!!! *tackle hugs anti*
                              Anti: WTF......