Psycho Leprechaun (Antisepticeye x reader)

Psycho Leprechaun (Antisepticeye x reader)

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QueenDominion By QueenDominion Updated Dec 12, 2017

What happens when alter ego by the name of AntiSepticEye comes to your room in the middle of the night? 

Y/N is sleeping like every normal human until a loud crash sounds from her window. 

Who knew a hot demon would select her window out of every other one? Maybe this could lead to romance.....

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AngelicaShcuyler AngelicaShcuyler Nov 07, 2017
why do people think that just because people(me) are Irish they're little leprechaun and does a little jig?! That's just wrong man! But good story!
Nightfury_Obsessed Nightfury_Obsessed Mar 11, 2017
I usually fall asleep with a cup next to me...I'd rather the bear. Confusion works wonders ^^
harrypotterfan722 harrypotterfan722 May 22, 2017
I would grab a lamp and a book, MAKA CHOP THE INTRUDER, and then knock them out with the lamp..
Mernixa Mernixa May 15, 2017
Anti saying "What a nice bra you have" is one of the strangest, and hilarious things I've seen in a  while.
jackpewdieplier jackpewdieplier Apr 01, 2017
Wow a creep guy stands in the corner and first thing he sas is WOW WHAT A NICE BRA 
                              Like sirrious i would jump out of the window
RoaringCaterpiller RoaringCaterpiller Jun 27, 2017
I feel like cops wouldn't just walk away even though you'd say you're  fine they'd still want to come in