A Story To Be Told - Nico Di Angelo X Reader

A Story To Be Told - Nico Di Angelo X Reader

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☻ By Queisii Updated Oct 10

Both demigod Camps are against an unknown enemy. Nico and a certain daughter of Hephaestus are not on the best terms with each other, but soon, their friendship starts blooming and growing due to the unfolding events. 

Who is this new enemy? What's their purpose?

How is our protagonist going to cope with it all? Will she do it alone? CAN she do it alone?

You can't find out unless you read.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters of the story, nor the art I will be BORROWING. The characters belong to the one and only RICK RIORDAN, and the art is all messed up y'all so dunno.

Hephaestus. HEPHAESTUS. HEPHAESTUS!!!!!! ¡¡¡¡¡¡HEPHAESTUS!!!!!!
                              Finally, my godly parent!!!! (I've also been called a daughter of  DA SEA GOD, but eh. Hephaestus is more ma style. OwO )
People ask me if i like the color of the sky. I say. Which one.
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Phannyboiii Phannyboiii Oct 29
I gasped at this. No not again. Y is it repair boy. Yyyyyy. *continues reading*