Nine Months Later

Nine Months Later

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Chimmie used to be your typical teenage girl. The shy one that sits at the back of the classroom and never raises her hand. The teachers pet. The nerd.

Mark. Your typical teenage playboy. Blonde eyes and abs you could bow down to.

But what happens when these two meet? Or better yet, what if they are forced to share a room? Is it a road to disaster and heartbreak? Or will he be what she's been looking for all along?

But who knew people will have so many secrets, who knew people would be so cruel, who thought the love off your life would betray you and leave you broken and covered in blood

Sometimes love is so far away. But sometimes its closer than you think. The love of your life can leave you with a mistake that later turns into a joy. But the joy can leave you with sleepless nights of constant crying and constant diaper changing

Could it be your dumb ex boyfriend or you douche bag roommate?

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OfficialBree OfficialBree Aug 24, 2016
Why would u tell her where u going now she finna search and find u
livelife_takechances livelife_takechances Aug 15, 2016
Everyone is always sleeping with their girlfriends/boyfriend siblings that's called desperate and disgusting
tyeralittle tyeralittle Aug 08, 2016
Hahahaaha tell me why I started singing "little brother" from phineas and ferb.😂
Angielb73 Angielb73 Jan 13
Now she meet the brother that slept with Tiffany wow never trust them kinds
pmgayles pmgayles Jul 15, 2016
After asking Jacob if he was the one that slept with Mark's girlfriend, Jacob didn't stand a chance.  Mark needs for you to give him a chance, Chimmie.