The Bad Boy And The Bad Girl

The Bad Boy And The Bad Girl

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Alex is the bad girl . She is badass . She takes no shit from anyone . She is the new girl but does she care ? Of course not , she doesn't care about anyone . She may be the bad girl but she's also afraid of somethings , I mean come on everyone is afraid of something or thee other . 

What happens when she meets Zander the bad boy in the new Town she's moving to ? The boy next door . 
Is he going to change her attitude?  Is he going to irritate , annoy her ? 


What do you think Zander thinks about her 

Does he fall for her or does Alex fall for him . What will happen after the bet Zander comes up with ?

Well we all going to find out . 

So just go on and read it

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abyanaweis abyanaweis Mar 04
HELL NO BITCH YOU BETTER COME BACK HERE *garbs shoe and smack him in the head "ooops😼🖕🏽"
where_is_jeff where_is_jeff Sep 04, 2017
                              She says but is also thinking that black and white are shades not colours
Drusilla_Blackfire Drusilla_Blackfire Jun 14, 2017
I went to Florida once when I was 3...i didn't like it,  the water at the beach tried to eat me.
But I’ll eat it if I have it, it’s just not my first pick you know
I don’t like bright colored clothing, I prefer black, white, or grey
skittelsngummys skittelsngummys Jul 07, 2017
To me pizza is an amazing American food that comes in the shape of a triangular heaven on Earth that you can put into your mouth and savour till you puke. I💖🍕 😵😍 and now...I WANT IT SO BAD! 😑