Freak show Septiplier

Freak show Septiplier

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Bonnie of the Dots By Everything-Girl Updated Jan 02, 2017

Jack is a freak...he knows this...he has been called it every day of his life. He is reminded every time he looks in the mirror...

Jack's eyes are green where the white should be and blue where the black should be. His hair is a bright neon green that can be seen from miles away. His teeth are like fangs, sharp and pointy. His tongue is forked. His veins glow green when he is angry. His nails are long and needle-like. And his skin is pale, like freshly fallen snow.

Because of this, he can't go outside, unless he wears sunglasses and has his hood up. Without them, he's pelted with rotten food and horrible slurs wherever he goes. He has no family or friends because of his abnormalities. But he keeps looking for a place where he belongs, where he is welcomed as an equal and where he can live happily.

One day, he finds that place. 

A Freak Show visits his home city. But before Jack can even step out of his house to look, the locals tell the owner about their own freak, who lives in the house upon the hill by himself and rarely comes out. So when he finally does get out of his house and to the show, he's cornered by the owner, a man by the name of Muyskerm, and some of the freaks. They try convincing Jack to join them. But he doesn't need convincing. 

He eagerly accepts their offer to join their show.

Will Jack be able to acclimatise with living with other people after years of living alone? And what happens when  man with blue hair walks into the Freak show looking for a job? Will Jack push him away? Or will he finally open up when he finds out the mans secrets?

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InoYamanaka12 InoYamanaka12 May 01, 2017
When I read the first line my mind immediately went to p!atd don't threaten me with a good time for some people reason XD
kait_neko kait_neko Mar 19, 2017
kait_neko kait_neko Mar 19, 2017
My first thoughts and words would be 
                              WOW U LOOK FREAKING AWESOME HI IM KAIT WHATS UR NAME 🙃
_markimoojelly_ _markimoojelly_ Sep 13, 2017
I would be like 
                              I wish i had eyes like u they look fücking awesome
Jellyfish45678 Jellyfish45678 May 30, 2017
My first thought to this is "are the you deadpool?" 😅😁 I is weird
Misspinkdragon101 Misspinkdragon101 Jan 29, 2017
Nah, my first thought would probably be: "Fùck, you scared me! But, woah. You look cool-"