Her Husband's Betrayal | #wattys2016

Her Husband's Betrayal | #wattys2016

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The betrayal started eight years after marriage . Sara insecurity began when Nate lied to her about going on a business trip.

She never knew that he had an extended family outside of his marriage. 

She never knew he was sleeping with other woman outside of his 

Would he tell her the truth ? or will he continue to play games ?

{ I guess we don't know the value of love until we Lose it }

 {  C o m p l e t e d  }

 Her Husband's Betrayal. 
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love where this is going. can't wait to read more. 
                              check out my book Brook, I think you will enjoy it. It's my first draft but I think its going along well. If you check it out let me know what you think. Yari Tower.
Oooohh. Amazing tittle name DAT caught my attention asap . waiting on chapter one . no pressure :)
lia_bruh lia_bruh Mar 04
I can't waif to see what she does when he comes him .
                              Would she kill him ?
                              Would she tell him?
                              Would she leave with her kids ?
                              Idk know !!!
                              I can't wait any longer!! 
                              So much theories !!!
This story got me hooked. Update! Please update !
                              Your really good in your writing!
This book should Be in popular.
                              Can't wait to see the ending
I nw started reading dis book n its phenomenal . thumbs up too author