Bucky Barnes Imagine

Bucky Barnes Imagine

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sebstanforyou By sebstanforyou Updated Mar 10, 2016

"Give me everything you have Barnes. C'mon." You said turning your hands into fists standing in front of him. He looked at you with a grin. "Fine (Y/N). As you wish." he answered. 

Training with Bucky at the Avengers Tower became a habit for the two of you. It was already yours though. Since years ago you were one of the best in your job. When he arrived at the Tower you related to him somehow. He was broken and lost. Like you were a long time ago before you joined Shield. 

He came closer to you and you were able to dodge all of his moves. "I'm serious Bucky." You said and smiled. "I don't want to hurt you." He said a little bit worried. "You underestimate me." You said and winked at him. You both stand in position again. You deflected some of his punches but he was impressive. 

Everything you heard about the Winter Soldier was true after all. You know he didn't mean to but you felt the pain right after he hit you. You spat the blood on the floor. "I'm sorry (Y/N)." he said helping ...

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Well then. I’ve never been in such deep feels since I watched Infinity War.
BVBRebelWarrior BVBRebelWarrior 5 days ago
Here comes Mama Steve 😂 always showing up conveniently at your doorway looking like a worried mom
kaaykoi kaaykoi Jul 10, 2016
Really good second chapter but you have some grammar mistakes in your first couple of paragraphs that make it hard to read. All in all a really good chapter though.
tony-stank tony-stank Jun 15, 2016
*becomes Anikan Skywalker* you underestimate my power *chokes Padmé*
cptnphasma cptnphasma Feb 17, 2016
As much as I love these stories, it would be nice to post them before on Instagram or like in the same day so I'm not rereading it 😘😘😘