I Am The Alpha King's Mate?!?!?!

I Am The Alpha King's Mate?!?!?!

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Kyra Avery Silverman, the daughter of an Alpha, was just another werewolf living a normal life - or so she thought. When a new Alpha moves to her area, she doesn't give it much care - but maybe she should have? 

'Stupid teacher, stupid school, stupid life...' I mumble, trudging along the hall. All of a sudden, I crash into something - something hard, something warm. Since when did they build a new wall again? Then the thing, the wall, growls, and I look up, only to groan. 

'Can you not see where you're going?' He snarls, spittle flying from his mouth to land everywhere, particularly my face. I didn't care, though, my initial insult dying in my throat the moment I look up at his 9ft frame, all rational thoughts leaving my mind though he's but a stranger. His eyes catch mine and for a moment, we just stare at each other. Then -

'Mate!' He growls, slamming me into the wall.
And I didn't care, not about my bones breaking, not about his possible recent caveman heritage. I was in love.

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I love the idea of this book 😁 although I wonder what got you thinking towardsdoing the "experiment"
thesodora thesodora Mar 17
Funfact: I decided to read the book because of his incredible hight... ;) wanted to read the comments about it...
Don't read the comment under if u don't want a spoiler alert so just keep reading the book! 👇
trina246 trina246 Mar 21
the spoiler is...
                              its about werewolves
This is beautiful literature and man the relation between those two is simply breathtaking