The Last of Us (Camren)

The Last of Us (Camren)

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☻ By unicamz Completed

(Originally named: You, Me, & the Apocalypse)


Now that a deadly infection has broken out, turning people into monsters, once lovers, Lauren and Camila are pushed to form an unlikely bond. They find friends on the way who eventually become like family as they slowly begin to gravitate toward one another again. Everyone's after the same thing: Survival. Lauren tries to remind herself of that as she fights to protect the ones she love.


{Disclaimer: This story does intertwine with The Walking Dead at one point so I do not own that show, it's characters or any characters in this book for that matter. All credit goes to the creators and everyone involved with the show, including any dialogue owned by them.}

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xxchangelaterxx xxchangelaterxx May 27, 2017
Has she ever seen a zombie movie, cause that's where all the zombies come out from smh
WaitingFor420 WaitingFor420 Dec 26, 2017
Go canola, kill all those zombies back there and show LJ who's boss
Dimples_Darling_ Dimples_Darling_ Feb 25, 2016
Very detail oriented.I enjoy reading a nice book late at night and you my dear have satisfied me.Much love from your penguin.❤️
tomorrowUC tomorrowUC Jun 26, 2016
Then is the other girl Beth? 
                              Beth my baby I cried like waterfalls as she died oml