Miraculous Ladybug Lemon One Shots

Miraculous Ladybug Lemon One Shots

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mandy_blossoms By mandy_blossoms Updated Nov 04

Hi. This a new book for me. I can either make the one shots with the actual characters on miraculous or if you want a special one shot you wish to be in, message me your idea and level of roughness(?).

Please, message me the pair and details.

1. Make outs
2. Steamy
3. Romantic smut
4. Steamy smut
5. Rough smut

Characters (as shown on the show)

Marinette Dupain-Cheng (Ladybug)
Adrien Agreste (Chat Noir)
Alya (Lady Wifi & Volpina)
Nino (The bubbler)
Nathanael (The Evillustrator)
Chloe (Antibug & Queen Bee)
Sabrina (The invisible one)
Max (Le Gamer)
Kim (Stoneheart)
Ivan (Anti cupid)
Rose (Mrs Perfume)
Juleka (Reflecta)
Alix (Time breaker)
Aurore (Stormy Weather)
Theo (copy cat)
Jagged Stone (Guitar villan)
Lila (fake Volpina)

Thats all for now my miraculers!!

  • adrien
  • alix
  • alya
  • catnoir
  • chatnoir
  • chloe
  • ivan
  • juleka
  • kim
  • ladybug
  • lemon
  • marinette
  • max
  • miraculousladybug
  • mylene
  • nathanael
  • niño
  • oneshots
  • rose
  • sabrina
flessasEC flessasEC Oct 18
More...give me more...coca cola *grabs Coca Cola* haha u thought
sweetie 2 thousand is nothing. 3 thousand someonetimes ends up being my minimum and i have to cut it dwn
That or they know how to hold in their climaxes very well as a guy can last longer if he waits until the climax feeling fades then they can last longer but yeah first times are lucky to last to 20 minutes if your lucky
Gakayna Gakayna Aug 11
So she's completely oblivious to the fact that he was there without her or Tom letting her in?
flessasEC flessasEC Oct 18
Ok I have a few questions that need some answers:
                              First: why do I read this?
                              Second: why do I like this?
                              Third: why do I find this hot?
                              And Fourth: does anyone have some spare holy water
condoms? nope, kay then. have fun with your "miraculous baby" in 9 months