Miraculous Ladybug Lemon One Shots

Miraculous Ladybug Lemon One Shots

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mandy_blossoms By mandy_blossoms Updated Feb 14

Hi. This a new book for me. I can either make the one shots with the actual characters on miraculous or if you want a special one shot you wish to be in, message me your idea and level of roughness(?).

Please, message me the pair and details.

1. Make outs
2. Steamy
3. Romantic smut
4. Steamy smut
5. Rough smut

Characters (as shown on the show)

Marinette Dupain-Cheng (Ladybug)
Adrien Agreste (Chat Noir)
Alya (Lady Wifi & Volpina)
Nino (The bubbler)
Nathanael (The Evillustrator)
Chloe (Antibug & Queen Bee)
Sabrina (The invisible one)
Max (Le Gamer)
Kim (Stoneheart)
Ivan (Anti cupid)
Rose (Mrs Perfume)
Juleka (Reflecta)
Alix (Time breaker)
Aurore (Stormy Weather)
Theo (copy cat)
Jagged Stone (Guitar villan)
Lila (fake Volpina)

Thats all for now my miraculers!!

If she gets pregnant, then I can't wait to see her future kitten-bugs! 😁😁😁
and then because they used no protection Marinette got pregnant
                              by the way, why emma?
Time to do the ice bucket challenge, except the ice is actually holy water yeah!
Gakayna Gakayna Aug 11
So she's completely oblivious to the fact that he was there without her or Tom letting her in?
*cough cough* cant.....breath! Too steamy..... inhaler.... where?