The Benefits

The Benefits

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When Seth left, he left something behind. Something Becca never thought could've existed between them. Someone.

A son.

Of course, Becca is not alone. She has so many wonderful people to help her take care of little SJ. And after a couple years, a guy.

Maybe it's not a good idea to be in a relationship with Seth's best friend. So, they come up with a solution that's gotta work. No feelings attached. Friends with benefits. And if any one of them starts to feel even the slightest bit of affection toward the other person, they'll stop immediately.

It's totally fool-proof. That is until one of them falls for the other.

Life is hard enough, but add in a kind-of-boyfriend, a kid who wants is dad to come home, a sister who wants to get married to her boyfriend of ten years when he's not so sure, a best friend who thinks her husband is cheating on her, and people everywhere criticizing your every move, and it's even harder.

But there are some benefits.

(sequel to 'The Story of Seth', though you might be able to get through it without reading the last book.)

cover by @redblacklady

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SimoneMarieThomas SimoneMarieThomas Nov 24, 2013
Ohmigeebs!!! I jst finished reading this and I cried at the end. I mean I wanted Becca to end up with Lance but then I'm like it was for the best! :) This has to be one of the best books I've ever read!!!!
Breezylina_000 Breezylina_000 Jul 02, 2013
I just read the summary, I just finished the first book 35 seconds ago, and I'm internally having a heart attack,..... She HAD A KID?!?!?!!????????? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
                              SETHHHHHHHHHHHH :'((((((
just_a_brunette just_a_brunette May 13, 2013
OMG The  sequel looks better than what I thought it would be! I honestly thought they used protection though
Bahnooga Bahnooga Mar 10, 2013
Not gonna lie. I was beyond pissed when I read the description of this. I was ranting to myself about how amazing Seth was and then I cried when I realized the love interest in this story isn't Seth.
                              But I love you, so I'll try it.
RomanceWriter22 RomanceWriter22 Jan 14, 2013
Hey so I haven't read your book or anything I just wanted to say nice cover. I have the same one for one of my books just with different words on it. Nice taste (:
SimplySJ SimplySJ Dec 15, 2012
So i love this already and i haven't even started to read it yet.... My name is in it! yay! You just use all of my favorite names don't you? First Seth now SJ what will you think of next?