Hidden Secret

Hidden Secret

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serenguardian By serenguardian Updated Feb 23

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Zero kiryu isn't a vampire hunter but a pureblood vampire. His parent sealed his nature by using a sealing necklace. A necklace that can seal a person identity and put his vampire side to sleep. He was care to the family of kiryu who has no idea that zero is actually a pureblood but as a lost abandoned human child. 

zero knew what he is and knew why he was given away. His parent only do it to protect him and make him promise that never revealed his true identity to anyone. But what if that promise were about to break little by little? What will everyone think? Even the vampire society?

I can tell that this story is going to be great!!! Keep up the good work 👍
please update soon cause i think this story is awesome. so please update soon thank you.
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