Ethan Dolan's Sex Slave

Ethan Dolan's Sex Slave

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Lexi By DolanTwins169 Updated Jun 17, 2016

"Please Eth-"

"You dont call me by my name!" Ethan exclaimed, cutting me off

"I-I'm sorry Master" I paused "I want to g-go now"

He pinned me against the wall and whispered seductively to me "You arent going any where babygirl, you are all mine now"

WARNING: If you are 13- then I suggest for you not to read this, but for those dirty minded about Ethan then it's your chance to read this story. Remember to Vote and Comment. Stay Dirty xx

Bitch means female dog. 
                              Dogs bark. 
                              Bark is on trees. 
                              Trees are part of nature. 
                              NATURE IS FÜCKING BEAUTIFUL. 
                              So thank you for your compliment.
EmoButNot EmoButNot Jul 20
I'm mean you're the one that bought her when I'm pretty sure you could've walked up to a random fan and she would already be willing to have sex with you
EmoButNot EmoButNot Jul 20
I'm sorry I gotta do it
                              That's what she said
Kaelynn66 Kaelynn66 Aug 06
I just realized that i have read this befour and it is one of the reason why i am scared of them.......lmao.......sbhzvskzvzv
heatherD16 heatherD16 Aug 09
Saaame i hate being called princess I'd rather bbg or QUEEN 😏😎
Who are you where do you live how old are you why are you so fine how do you like your eggs cooked in the morning?