My Brother Is My Lover { A Twisted Roc Royal Love Story}

My Brother Is My Lover { A Twisted Roc Royal Love Story}

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I'm Back!!!! By Iamtherealjamaican Completed

Hi, I'm Evelyn Hazel August. I'm 16 and I have a twin brother named Chresanto. We live with my Aunt Aubrey because our parents didn't want us. I'm the youngest twin. So Roc is my big brother. BTW Roc is my nickname for Chresanto since I've been able to talk. I'm 4"9 with long, curly black hair, carmel skin, dark brown eyes, and a lip piercing. Roc and have this weird twin thing where we feel each others pain (which sucks for him when it's PMSing time) and see when something bad is about to happen to the other twin. We're really close too each other. Now here's a secret you have to promise not to tell. I swear if you tell I will kill you. I'm In Love With... CHRESANTO


Hey hey This is Chresanto Lorenzo August here. So I'm sure Evelyn told you we're twins and about the weird things we can do and all that so here's somethings about me. I'm the Oldest twin. I've been looking out for Evee (eve-ee) my whole life. I used  have a long curly ponytail. Now it's cut and has small curls. I'm 5"5 and nice muscles. Since Evee and I are twins we both have a out going and cheerful personality. Now I have a confession to make. I'm In Love With... EVELYN


Will there love ever be accepted. Will they figure out they love each other. Will they stay the same. Will I stop talking or in this case typing. Tune in and find out

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Diamond1000percent23 Diamond1000percent23 May 09, 2016
I can see why they think each other is cute because there twins they look a like
truely__me truely__me Nov 29, 2015
I love that room so many illusions and peace signs an RAINBOWS!!!
5SOS_HOOD_21_44_ 5SOS_HOOD_21_44_ Sep 26, 2015
He's really short I'm taller than him. In my mind he is offishly 6'2
Iamtherealjamaican Iamtherealjamaican Jun 18, 2013
for her room pretend the ceiling is just blue and the tv is over the couch