The shy artist 'Nathanael x reader'

The shy artist 'Nathanael x reader'

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Kpop boii By Authorchan_ Updated Jan 07

(Y/n) was always an outgoing person with her bubbly personality and can't forget curvy body, who couldn't love her? Of course not the flirty Chat Noir. And there was Nathanael a shy artist who had a crush on Marinette until (Y/n) and Nathanael bump into each other at a museum while admiring art. But there is something involving our two heroes which will make everything even more interesting.

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mabbydoggy801 mabbydoggy801 Dec 09, 2016
When I meet new people here is what I say
                              Hey, Hi, broski, dude, sup, heya, yo, etc.
Elasila16 Elasila16 4 days ago
What why im not popular I'm a nobody literally who keeps liking my photos I just I'm a nobody ok
Kawaii_Fries2500 Kawaii_Fries2500 Dec 25, 2016
(Listens to the Reynolds Pamphlet) NEVER GONNA BE AN ARTIST NOWWWWW
MysteriousJam MysteriousJam a day ago
I mostly come to shy people. Look what I did to you, @DAT-BAKA-DESU
Eclips_DragonWolf Eclips_DragonWolf 7 days ago
In Hell no wait prison no thats not right Oh yeah I forgot school
CocoaholicMika CocoaholicMika Nov 16, 2016
                              People: *scream*
                              Me: HAHAHAHAHA IT'S JUST A SONG CALM DOWN