The shy artist 'Nathanael x reader'

The shy artist 'Nathanael x reader'

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Kpop boii By Authorchan_ Updated Oct 04

(Y/n) was always an outgoing person with her bubbly personality and can't forget curvy body, who couldn't love her? Of course not the flirty Chat Noir. And there was Nathanael a shy artist who had a crush on Marinette until (Y/n) and Nathanael bump into each other at a museum while admiring art. But there is something involving our two heroes which will make everything even more interesting.

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Oh nevermind hehe~ I'm BACK~
                              Friend:the balance has been restored
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When I meet new people here is what I say
                              Hey, Hi, broski, dude, sup, heya, yo, etc.
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Same IF someone torre up my pictures i would go insane and murder them a reason WHY MY parents dont LET me go to school....
Marinette reminds me of myself when I was.....nope nvrm I'm still the same
Awwwww I'm innocent and kind in this story......HOLY SHISCT WHAT HAPPENED!? I THINK I BROKED MYSELF AGAIN
                              Friend:this is the 4th time this month.
                              It's always 4 times a month!