The shy artist 'Nathanael x reader'

The shy artist 'Nathanael x reader'

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(Y/n) was always an outgoing person with her bubbly personality and fair looks, who couldn't love her? Of course not the flirty Chat Noir. And there was Nathanael, a shy artist who had a crush on Marinette until (Y/n) and Nathanael bump into each other at a museum while admiring art. But there is something involving our two heroes which will make everything even more interesting.

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-Rcven- -Rcven- Jul 18
                              I LIKE THIS BOOK ALREADY XD
saja125590 saja125590 Aug 14
THIS IS THE GRAMMAR POLICE!!!!! It's not "I seen" it's "I've seen" I'm sorry, but TRIGGERD
I wish I was as casual as Chat Noir
                              But I mean....
                              WHO TALKS THAT WAY TO SOMEONE THEY JUST MET
                              like "yo bro sup?"
                              Let alone the flirting
                              Why does he even do this
                              Oh wait I know why
                              Because he knows he will die alone
Does have over 30 sketchbooks answer that question? If not look then feel free to look at all 20 doodle folders
-Rcven- -Rcven- Jul 18
Funny thing is, PEOPLE DAY THIS TO ME
                              @Angie_19_ ain't that right, boo? XD
Oh well..... I was going to read this Fanfiction but..... I'll go quietly cry in the corner....