The shy artist 'Nathanael x reader'

The shy artist 'Nathanael x reader'

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ahegao saved my life By Authorchan_ Updated Mar 13, 2017

(Y/n) was always an outgoing person with her bubbly personality and fair looks, who couldn't love her? Of course not the flirty Chat Noir. And there was Nathanael, a shy artist who had a crush on Marinette until (Y/n) and Nathanael bump into each other at a museum while admiring art. But there is something involving our two heroes which will make everything even more interesting.

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logiically logiically Jul 18, 2017
                              I LIKE THIS BOOK ALREADY XD
saja125590 saja125590 Aug 14, 2017
THIS IS THE GRAMMAR POLICE!!!!! It's not "I seen" it's "I've seen" I'm sorry, but TRIGGERD
yoosung707jumin yoosung707jumin Dec 02, 2017
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I want season 3 in  Tokyo Ghoul
DovahHolmes DovahHolmes Dec 29, 2017
When i enter museums i'm always like this.
                              I'm a passionate artist and love observing every magnificent details in old paintings :)
LilArtistWithATwist LilArtistWithATwist Aug 11, 2017
Does have over 30 sketchbooks answer that question? If not look then feel free to look at all 20 doodle folders
PantherLily21 PantherLily21 5 days ago
Is actually not this happy irl but is reading because this story is so good