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"why are you a 'bad boy' why not a good guy" she said air quoting bad boy and good guy

 "Goodguys are over rated," he mutters dryly before chuckling, "it's much more fun tobe a bad guy" 

"you know what, your pretty stupid" she replied 

"and why is that if I may ask?" he said raising his eye brows 

"you get so many opportunities, you get so many chances, we all place them right in front of you and you don't even look at them. For god sakes! Why are you like this? You live in the past not in the now. i know your smart deep down inside blaze. you just don't try hard enough!" She argued 

he looked at me for a moment 

"Because I know the consequences that'll happen once I open my eyes and live in the now... the world is as beautiful as people think it is... the world is terrifying, and i don't care about the future, i don't want a family, kids nothing. i just wanna live life a day at a time and make memories to remeber for ever and live with no regrets" he exclaimed 

"plus don't be hypercrite, you have a apparent bad past, which i doubt" he excalimed 

"you don't know anything about me" she growled

"How do you feel about me?" He asked 
"I don't have enough rude fingers to show you how I feel" she replied

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