I'm here for You

I'm here for You

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Scarlett_ Akumi By Diamond_Cheney Updated Jul 19, 2017

Lucy met Jellal and Mystogan??? But this dissappears??? Why??? What will happen through out her life??? Will she ever be able to see them again???

well, that's a bunch of questions... let's get on with the story...

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who-needs_sprinkles who-needs_sprinkles Apr 01, 2017
I never thought about shipping them but Damn i like them even if they end up as friends
magickwonderland23 magickwonderland23 Dec 28, 2017
Are you FuzzyPeachz? From fanfiction net? this is exactly like it, THE LOST CHILD
Zyra_Takamashi Zyra_Takamashi Feb 26, 2017
Imma just say that Diablo Vengeance sounds like a gang member name.
marie4619 marie4619 Jul 14, 2018
Let's just pretend since she has the twelve golden keys + the 13th key.
AliSTAIR50 AliSTAIR50 Aug 02, 2018
And another one orphiucius is the "secret" 13 zodiac and theres 12 knowm ones. So its probably pisces.