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Locked heart fairytail fanfic.  (DISCONTINUED )

Locked heart fairytail fanfic. (DISCONTINUED )

22.1K Reads 826 Votes 17 Part Story
♓︎kristineeee♓︎ By krxstine_le Completed

This story was adopted by gamergirl468 on pls enjoy! 

Lucy is the lock heart demon of the guild Love and Lucky. She haven't shown real emotion ever since she was a little. But when the grand magic games come up and some boys particularly have their eye on her. Will they be able to bring out real emotion in this girl and remove the lock from her heart? or will Lucy remain an emotionless person forever?

- - May 29, 2016
Umm......Kilala is a CAT demon, not a fox. Look at the episode with the black furred Kilala and they call them cats.
TheSkysNotTheLimit TheSkysNotTheLimit Nov 23, 2016
Whenever she chants a spell i always read it in a super monotone voice. Am i the only one?
Raknewu Raknewu Aug 07, 2016
Inuyasha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(was so happy I fainted)💞😍🌹
wintercheetah10 wintercheetah10 Oct 09, 2016
                              She runs into them 
                              Hibiki: Well hello there ;)
                              Lucy: get lost
                              Hibiki:   Owwwwch that's gonna hurt me I'm heart broken 
                              Me: rogue-kun deal with him!
                              ( rogue blasts hibiki)
Clicherewrite Clicherewrite Feb 17, 2016
I loved this story but something bad happened to the author... But I'm glad that it's up here now!
Lucy_Dragonslayer Lucy_Dragonslayer Oct 31, 2016
She's the one with the fan and flys on a feather she looks soooooo bada$$