Don't Worry...I'm Okay (Human Bill Cipher X Reader)

Don't Worry...I'm Okay (Human Bill Cipher X Reader)

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Lots Of XReaders By katpad01 Updated Jun 23, 2016

Human Bill X reader 

I got the inspiration for this from the series final of Gravity Falls *cries in a corner*. So this could contain spoilers if you haven't seen it. And if you haven't seen Gravity Falls at all, I recommend you watch it.

There really is no plot to story right now. Just cute moments between you and Bill.

I don't own pictures, the characters, or Gravity Falls. That belongs to the evil mastermind that can't help but make us cry, Alex Hirsch.

RainzDrop RainzDrop Apr 05, 2016
This is one of the best Bill X reader shorts I've read UR AMAZING
Emilyiskawaii201 Emilyiskawaii201 2 days ago
bill; btw im destroying your world
                              me; welp....WHO CARES
artsyzar artsyzar 3 days ago
DID YOU HEAR THAT ALEX??!!! Make it happeeennn. And plus Bill's last words (in reverse) said HE WILL RETURN
psychowerewolf psychowerewolf 6 days ago
                              BUT MY AIM IS GETTING BETTER
I love whenever it says favorite color for an outfit in a Bill x Reader because my favorite color is yellow, so I'm just dressing like Bill
*squeals intensely* I NEED MY FLAMING HOT NACHO CHESE DRITO RIGHT NOW!!!! Can't.... stand..... Kawaii.... fluffy..... emotions!!!