Don't Worry...I'm Okay (Human Bill Cipher X Reader)

Don't Worry...I'm Okay (Human Bill Cipher X Reader)

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Lots Of XReaders By katpad01 Updated Jun 23, 2016

Human Bill X reader 

I got the inspiration for this from the series final of Gravity Falls *cries in a corner*. So this could contain spoilers if you haven't seen it. And if you haven't seen Gravity Falls at all, I recommend you watch it.

There really is no plot to story right now. Just cute moments between you and Bill.

I don't own pictures, the characters, or Gravity Falls. That belongs to the evil mastermind that can't help but make us cry, Alex Hirsch.

SarahGDubs SarahGDubs Jan 01
*Thinks I fell asleep*
                              *Actually on Tumblr*
                              BILL: "What the heck?!"
                              ME: *rolls into floor and teleport to another dimension*
                              BILL: "WTF IS HAPPENING?!"
Stitchships Stitchships Jan 03
Sure. But then you get a slap for not coming back soon enoughm
Psh.books are weak!
                              *is holding a Pencil*
                              Pencils are better and sharper
SarahGDubs SarahGDubs Jan 01
ME: "Dude, I have a quality couch. Learn to deal like a human. I have no room in my bed. Floor or couch- your choice."
                              BILL: *rolls onto floor*
SarahGDubs SarahGDubs Jan 01
ME: "Like I said- couch or floor"
                              BILL: "I will attack you."
                              ME: *rolls to couch*
Stitchships Stitchships Jan 03
Me: -hugs couch- I wuv you couch
                              Bill: -sitting on bed-....
                              Couch: I wuv you to!
                              Bill: 0-0....