| Let's Forget | 2

| Let's Forget | 2

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Jimin 박지민 By jimin3195 Updated Feb 25, 2017

This is Book 2 of the sequel "ILY."

You and Park Jimin were a secret that were not to be revealed to the public. For the sake of Jimin's career you left behind the love of your life, to spare his future. A decision that has caused you to live in regret. 

After 2 years you've become the woman you always dreamt to be. An independent, strong, and intelligent Doctor. The past will be buried deep in your heart, but never will you forget his warm touch, chilling kisses, and loving voice. He will always be hurt, always remember, and always despise you for your choices but he'll never understand.

He won't understand until it was too late. Until EVERYTHING was too late.

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oxtice oxtice Jun 09, 2017
Can I just sayー iT was GREAT. (T_T) i honestly never get sick of their songs
BTSxSVTxGOT7 BTSxSVTxGOT7 Oct 15, 2017
Please update authornim... it's already DNA era :( and WE still couldn't accept that the ending of book 1 was horrible so plss we're begging you T^T
Sarah13Belle Sarah13Belle Dec 06, 2017
Plz update lol i cant wait lol the first book had me crying at work!
Chimmy003 Chimmy003 Oct 11
You haven't updated just to keep track, you last updated May 25, 2017.
                              Right now the date of this comment uploaded was October 11, 2018.
                              This is literally like 5 days before Jimin's birthday.
                              Happy Birthday to Jimin in advance. <3