Jillian's Revenge © 2016 By: J.L. Jacobs (Rough Draft Version)

Jillian's Revenge © 2016 By: J.L. Jacobs (Rough Draft Version)

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J.L. Jacobs By jljacobs Updated Feb 03, 2017

From the moment Jillian McKinley locked eyes with Evan Wilson, there was an undeniable attraction between them. She saw him as a very attractive man with whom she could begin a courtship, eventually marry, and share her life with. 

Evan Wilson is nothing but a rake who simply saw a woman he desired and it became his mission from the start to get her into his bed- by any means possible. He leads her on until he finally gets what he wants from her.

After a hot and steamy night of passion, Jillian truly believes that a proposal from Evan will soon be coming, but her illusions are shattered when he publicly humiliates her by confessing she was just another one of his conquests! Now that she is a ruined woman in society, Jillian becomes nothing but fodder for the gossip mongers who make her life a living hell.

With her reputation torn to shreds, and a startling new discovery that will change her life, she makes a decision to seek revenge on Evan Wilson in the worst possible way. Jillian, the woman scorned, concocts an elaborate plan to fake her own death, then moves to another part of the country where her sister and brother-in-law lives in order to start a new life as a pretend widower. 

For years Jillian's plan had worked out well for her until one night when she attends a dinner party and comes face-to-face with a ghost from her past: Evan Wilson. Stunned, he truly believed she had been dead and gone all these years past and had been inwardly grieving for the way he had treated her back then. 

Now the new life Jillian McKinley created for herself hangs in the balance. Her secrets, both old and new, that she prayed he would never learn about are revealed and now it is Evan who is out for revenge! 

(Book #3 in The Lancaster Series- Prequel to The Final Goodbye) 

This book is a rough draft and will contain errors. I love hearing feedback so feel free to comment and vote. www.jljacobs.net

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TammyHurt TammyHurt Jan 17
Did you mean Evan's cousin? Cause in another paragraph it said her brother?
ittibgmail ittibgmail Mar 12, 2017
Im so whipped .i want to read more of this.i want to know how things gonna end
GeraldineGerald2 GeraldineGerald2 Aug 13, 2017
Great one author, but I'd rather the chapters were longer, nevertheless, I'll read on... Amazing work
CatherineNalley CatherineNalley Dec 03, 2016
I would have felt the same way.  What horrible human being he is!!
SelenaMarieGomez92 SelenaMarieGomez92 Jul 03, 2016
Men! They can be such scum. I love how you bring her memories to the forefront of the beginning chapter. Waiting for more! I am already intruiged by this book chica!
SkullCandy58 SkullCandy58 Jul 03, 2016
I think your the first author on here that I have found who makes introduction videos. I love the one at the top of this page for the book!